How to use the film as a tool

  • Nonprofits/ organizations
    • Fundraising by selling tickets for the screening
    • Partner with corporations and community businesses to underwrite the event
      • Approach corporations/businesses to underwrite multiple screenings over time
    • Use Almost Sunrise as the centerpiece of your conference
    • Use Almost Sunrise as a platform to discuss the following topics:
      • Moral Injury
      • Post-Traumatic Stress
      • Mental Health
      • Public Health
      • Veterans Issues
        • Family dynamics through traumatic times
        • Coming home
        • PTS
        • Moral Injury
        • Reintegration
        • Community support
        • Peer support
        • Nature based therapy
        • Holistic healing practices
      • Trauma Recovery
      • Post-traumatic Growth
      • Moral Repair
      • Alternative healing
        • Peer-to-peer support
        • Yoga & Meditation
        • Nature based therapy
        • Spiritual Healing
      • Use Almost Sunrise at your church or place of worship
        • Spirituality today
        • Forgiveness
        • Healing from traumatic events through spiritual practices
      • Where to show Almost Sunrise
        • Film Festivals
        • Military bases
        • Veteran Service Organizations
        • Hospitals
        • Local and federal government agencies
        • Churches or places of worship
        • Conferences



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