Moving Mountains

Impact Campaign

With our Impact Campaign, we will seek to challenge stereotypes and promote active community support for veterans reintegration.

Through a countrywide community screening tour and public education initiatives, our mission is to bring the film into diverse communities of veterans and civilians alike.

Immersion Activities

Our screenings are followed by structured immersion activities that provide opportunities for civilians and veterans to connect their own healing journeys with one another.

Some of our Immersion Activities that focus on community building are:

“Tracing of Trauma” Participatory Performance

Written and facilitated by Katinka Hooyer

Tracings performance at Milwaukee Film Fest

This evocative participatory performance highlights Veterans’ unique perspectives of military service, going to war and returning home. Through reciting excerpts from interviews Katinka conducted with Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans, the audience gains a more profound understanding of Vets’ lives, moral injury and the transformative effects of war work.

In this way, audiences, including civilians, have the opportunity to delve more deeply into the issues that Almost Sunrise raises and discover common values and deeper connections with all those who serve. The performance challenges popular stereotypes that the media perpetuates while offering moments to reflect on the personal costs of war.

Read more about Katinka Hooyer

“Dear Veteran” Community Art Project

Designed by Katinka Hooyer, sponsored by Cards of Wood


This public art project gives civilians an opportunity to acknowledge and speak to Veterans in their lives and communities, in some cases for the first time. Inspired by the prayer trees of Tibet, and Shinto shrines of Japan where devotees write their wishes and prayers on small wooden plaques, Dear Veteran cards are placed on trees in public places as gestures of appreciation and hope. The cards live on through a digital archive and are shared with Veterans through social media.

Dear Veteran cards on display that were collected throughout the Telluride Mountain FIlm Festival

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Power of Breath and Meditation Session with Tom

Tom leads a breathing technique during a full session at the MountainFilm Aspen Summit Film Festival

An introduction to meditation and an ancient practice called “The Power Breath” designed to unlock a happier, more relaxed state of being with higher levels of awareness, focus, and clarity. Led by Iraq vet Tom Voss.

Read more about Tom Voss.

Contemplative Hike with Wolf Walker, Anthony and Tom

A contemplative walk, experiencing the restorative, soul-nourishing benefits of expending time in nature, as Anthony and Tom experienced on their 2,700 miles trek across America.

Wolf Walker performs a purifying ceremony using sage on each participant during a walk in Telluride, CO.

Moral Injury Panel Discussion


Dr. William Nash, Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen and Nancy Sherman discuss Moral Injuruy with veteran Tom Voss and director Michael Collins at AFI Docs Film Festival.

Director Michael Collins with film subjects and experts, discuss the growing understanding of moral injury and its implications.

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