“Almost Sunrise” is a powerful documentary about Moral Injury. It emphasizes the issues that Veterans experience beyond PTSD.”

Benjamin R. Sher, MA, LMSW, New York University (Silver School of Social Work)


As part of our MOVING MOUNTAINS IMPACT CAMPAIGN, we are on a mission to bring Almost Sunrise to hundreds of schools and universities across the country. We believe young people play an integral part in our national conversation on moral injury. Almost Sunrise cultivates a classroom environment that is prime for deep social emotional learning, spanning across a variety of disciplines.



Almost Sunrise is an easy-to-use tool designed for sharing the film with your students, faculty, and community. The package includes everything you need to show the film and lead a discussion about the issues that are important to you organization:

Almost Sunrise features
the following topics:

  • Suicide Crisis
  • War & Peace
  • Trauma
  • Military Family
  • Resilience
  • Iraq, Afghanistan Conflicts
  • Moral Injury
  • Spirituality
  • Veterans
  • Community
  • Holistic Healing
  • Post-Traumatic Stress

We Are an excellent learning tool for courses in the following areas:

  • Anthropology
  • Theology & Ethics
  • International Relations
  • Global Issues
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Addiction Studies
  • U.S. History
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
  • Social Work
  • Peace & Conflict Studies


Overall the film was amazing, but what really resonated with me was Moral Injury.. I thought oh, wow, this is what connects to me. I get it! I don’t have a military background, or family in the military, all I know is what I see on TV. So, we don’t often get a chance to think about what our soldiers go through on a deeper level.
– Lor’Enyah Galloway, Student Chicago

This will get college audience thinking about issues they might not have thought about before. It’s not just about the technical aspects of war and what it does to you psychologically, but if there is a sense of the soul or spirit that might be injured, and how do you repair that in a way that might not be medical. - Dr. Laura Franey, Professor & Dean of Arts and Humanities, Millsaps College

“The film is truly inspirational in its efforts to raise awareness about the challenges veterans face when returning from theaters of war. It fits with social work ideals of self-empowerment, client-centered care and a bio-psycho-social model. ” - Benjamin R. Sher, MA, LMSW, New York University (Silver School of Social Work)

“Films like Almost Sunrise create a true starting point to have something that is visual, real, and storytelling. It’s something that absolutely spurs conversation and questions. So as I walk away from the film and think about how I continue to support our student veterans, I feel like I have an even better depth of understanding from watching, and I’m so appreciative of that.” - Elizabeth Medina, Dean of Students, Concordia University

To have a film that focused on something other than PTSD, and talking about Moral Injury was refreshing because it brought a new idea to the surface that I think individuals who don’t have military experience can understand. It builds bridges between the military and civilian cultures. It’s opening the dialogue and changing the narrative. - Lauren Runco, Dir of Education and Employment The Military Family Research Institute, Purdue University

Bring this new understanding about moral injury and veterans experience to your university! Host a screening of Almost Sunrise or buy the Almost Sunrise Educational Kit.


As part of our MOVING MOUNTAINS Impact Campaign we are planning to bring the Film + Immersion Activities to hundreds of schools and universities across the country, with a special initiative to partner with university-based student veteran organizations… a unique opportunity to bring veterans and civilians together.

“I couldn't have imagined the evening coming together any better. I think this is the first step in making space for veterans both on and off campus to discuss mental health and for non-military students to understand the veteran experience.” - Cristine Starke, President Georgetown Student Veteran's Association

Cristine Starke



Screening Kits

We will provide you with the support materials you need to succeed, including postcards and mini-posters to publicize your event, as well as invitations and other information that you can send out by email.

Our screening kits include:

  • DVD or Blu-ray
  • Film postcards
  • Host-a-screening tips and guidelines
  • Links to all of the film’s digital resource
  • Discussion guide

Make the event especially memorable by inviting one of our featured experts to appear either in person or via Skype for a question-and-answer session following a screening.