Invite the filmmakers, subjects and thought leaders for your event to delve deeper into the film story and the meaningful experiences surrounding it.

Speaking Engagement

Filmmaker Michael Collins, as well as the cast of Almost Sunrise, has spoken at dozens of conferences, events and film festivals. Conferences and universities have used Almost Sunrise speaking engagements to educate members, generate local media coverage, and achieve their marketing goals.

Where presentations are happening:

  • Conferences
  • Veterans Associations
  • Universities
  • VA Hospitals and Clinics
  • Community
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Corporations
  • Government agencies

Stanford University Community Screening Event


  • Moral Injury vs PTSD
  • Mental Health
  • Veterans Issues
  • Military Families and Secondary Trauma
  • Alternative Healthcare
  • Nature-based Therapies
  • Community support
  • Moral repair
  • Trauma recovery


Director Michael Collings with film subjects and experts, discuss the growing understanding of Moral Injury and its implications.

Tom Voss and Michael Collins presenting at the NYU conference for Military Social Workers.

Moral Injury pioneer and expert Dr. William Nash, Dr. Barbara Van Gallen, Tom Voss and Michael Collins discuss Moral Injury in Washington D.C.

A panel discussion on Moral Injury with Michael Collins, Tom Voss, Anthony Anderson and moderated by Hollywood director Tom Shadyac.

Director Michael Collins speaking at special screening event at Stanford University.

“We have to applaud Michael Collins for making a film that genuinely will move you to tears”

Steve Copian, Unseen Films

Michael Collins - Director

Michael Collins Interview

Michael is an Emmy® nominated filmmaker and the founder of Thoughtful Robot. In 2005 he directed Caught in an Injustice, a one-hour documentary broadcast on Spanish national television that received Special Mention at the 15th International TV3 Actual Awards. In 2010 Michael’s short film, Gerthy’s Roots, won the Belief Matters Award and was selected for the Media that Matters collection. In 2011 Give Up Tomorrow premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and won the Audience Award and a Special Jury Prize for Best New Director. The film went on to screen in over 75 festivals in 40+ countries, winning 18 major awards including seven Audience Awards, four Human Rights Awards and the Activism Award at Michael Moore’s Traverse City Film Festival. Recently Give Up Tomorrow was selected for the Puma Impact Award and was nominated for an Emmy® Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism.

Michael Collins is passionate about connecting with the next generation of journalists and filmmakers. He welcomes the opportunity to speak as a documentary filmmaker about the social impact that films and solid reporting can make on both a local and national level, while simultaneously preserving journalistic integrity.

Film subjects and experts

Tom Voss gives a talk and experiential workshop on the power of breath and meditation.

Tom Voss and Wolf Walker speaking about the power of nature during a meditative trek in Colorado.

Anthony Anderson discusses the healing power of community, nature, and peer support.

If you’re interested in having Tom or Anthony come speak to your group, we would be more than happy to do so. We have extensive experience speaking with a host of different groups including students, Veterans, and business/professional presentations. Both Tom and I are available to speak on topics ranging from our military service, our adjustment issues after war, Veteran issues, Veterans Trek, and all points in between. We are available to speak as individuals, together, or as members of a panel. Presentations can be catered to meet your needs including the use of media (pictures, videos) and topic.

The filmmakers and SUBJECTS on the news

Screening Kits

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Our screening kits include:

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Make the event especially memorable by inviting one of our featured experts to appear either in person or via Skype for a question-and-answer session following a screening.