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ONE OF OUR MAJOR CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES is supporting bills to improve the VA’s ability to provide federally-mandated complementary and alternative treatments within the VA hospital system.

We will build support for legislation, specifically for passing bill H.R. 2555 (Veteran Wellness Act) that proposes increased access to federally-mandated, alternative treatment options to veterans at Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs) across the nation, with priority given to locations in economically depressed areas that are not in close proximity to VA medical centers. Screenings and community immersion events will be held at district and federal levels.

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Signatures gathered from our campaign will be presented to Congress on Veterans Day 2017 to urge respresentatives to prioritize legislation that will support our veterans and their families.

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Congressman Tim Ryan and Project Welcome Home Troops from Thoughtful Robot on Vimeo.

Congressman Tim Ryan was invited to speak in Congress.

Tom Voss speaking to a congressional meeting in April 2015: I really struggled for about 10 years. I went through the VA system, was on medications, and went through all sorts of therapies to try and find some relief. And I’m not a special case, many veterans have been through a lot more than me. Ten years had passed and I started to see a cycle of alcohol abuse, destroying relationships, and stuffing down all of the things I was trying to avoid, but they kept resurfacing. Suicide seemed like a pretty good option. Until I found this program, I was a pretty helpless person.

It was a year ago today that I took the Power Breath Meditation Course in Aspen Colorado. And that was a life-changing event for me. I can sleep better, I’m not on any medications, and I don’t have any really intrusive thoughts anymore. This was such a complete shift from what I was going through for the last ten years that it was almost startling to be able to feel emotions again; to feel happy. I’m here today to ask you to help support this program any way you can. There are many veterans in your states that need help. they’re in holes right now and they don’t really see a way out. But this is an option for them to start on a path of healing.


Together we can give everyone access to the health care the need. Support legislation to improve the VA’s ability to provide integrative medicine and alternative treatments. Learn more about the Veterans Wellness Act and how you can support it.


ALMOST SUNRISE is the first feature documentary film to identify Moral injury and explore the veterans experience through the lens of this timely condition.

Learn more about Moral injury

Dane County Veterans Service Ofcer Dan Connery and Anthony Anderson answer questions from the audience following a screening the lm "Almost Sunrise" in the Wisconsin State Capitol Monday.

Congressman Tim Ryan discusses the evidence-based adjunctive treatments that he wants to get into the VA system.

Congressman Tim Ryan (OH) hosted an event at Congress with Project Welcome Home Troops.

Congressman Seth Moulton, a former Marine, spoke at special screening event at Salem Film Fest.

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