top content – Almost Sunrise premiered on Memorial Day 2016 to incredible critical acclaim and a powerful audience response. The film has been featured in the media more than 130 times, including coverage by The New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Fox News, CNN, ABC News and National Geographic.


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under video content 1 – Filmmaker Michael Collins talks about his film which follows two Iraq veterans on their journey to healing from their time in combat.

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under video content 2 – Mike Strehlow sits down with filmmaker Michael Collins and Anthony Anderson and Tom Voss, two Iraq War veterans from Milwaukee sharing their experiences in a new documentary.


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under video content 3 – Documentary follows Iraq War vets across country Veteran in ‘Almost Sunrise’ describes his journey


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under video content 4 – The Chicago Media Project is launching its third year of programming with the premiere of the documentary “Almost Sunrise”


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under video content 5 – “Almost Sunrise” documentary follows Milwaukee veterans’ journey to healing


Articles & Reviews  


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<title> Content Beside the picture  1 – War Wounds That Time Alone Can’t Heal

<Newspapper & Author name > Content below title 1 – The New York Times By Jane E. Brody




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<title> Content Beside the picture  2 – ‘Almost Sunrise’: Film Review

<Newspapper & Author name > The Hollywood Reporter By Frank Scheck


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<title> Content Beside the picture  3 – Healing Our Warriors: Sharing the burdens veterans carry can help bring peace to their troubled souls

<Newspapper & Author name > Epoch Times By Charlotte Cuthbertson


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<title 4> Veterans Use Meditation to Soothe Wounds to the Soul in ‘Almost Sunrise’

<Newspapper & Author name > Newsweek By Lucy Westcott


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<title 5> Veterans Walk 2,700 Miles to Help Their Own

<Newspapper & Author name > National Geographic Adventure By Kat Long


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<title 6> Three Essential Films at the 2016 Human Rights Watch Film Festival

<Newspapper & Author name > Stage Buddy By Cece Anna Lee


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<title 7> “Almost Sunrise” aims to raise awareness about mental issues that veterans face

<Newspapper & Author name > Social Workers Speak By



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