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Reflections from the Association for VA Social Workers President about partnership with Almost Sunrise

As President of the Association of VA Social Workers (AVASW), a professional organization for social workers employed by the VA, VA social work trainees, and retired VA social workers, I get a variety of inquiries from organizations or individuals who are looking to connect with VA social workers. A few months ago,  I was contacted by one of the promoters of Almost Sunrise looking for a way to expose VA social workers and maybe even VA employees to the film.  The more I learned about the film and their bigger mission to raise awareness about veteran suicide, moral injury and alternative therapies and/or treatment, I knew that I had to be find a way to work with this great team.  Every email interchange or phone call with a member of the Almost Sunrise team has confirmed that developing a partnership with this group was a great decision. As a trained mental health provider, I am accustomed to talking about heavy topics such as depression, PTSD,  and suicide with my colleagues.  I have been so impressed with the knowledge and sensitivity that the film’s team has brought to our discussions about these issues.  The film does an amazing job of introducing…

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